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Eagle's Nest Golf Club (Photo: Eagle's Nest Golf Club)

On The Tee: Eagle’s Nest Golf Club

If you have ever had the chance to visit the Eagle’s Nest Golf Club in Vaughan, Ontario you will realize what a unique experience it is. Once you leave the surrounding urban landscape and pass…


Bob Henry, the owner of 35 hole in ones. (Photo: Joe McLean)

Ottawa Golfer Strikes 35th Perfect Shot

3.15 miles – That’s the accumulated distance that 35 golf balls hit by Ottawa’s Hole in One King, Bob Henry, have travelled from various tees to find a resting spot in the cups on greens…


Hitting Solid Iron Shots (Video)

The ability to hit solid iron shots often defines how well a player can score on the golf course. We reach into the archives for this 2013 video from PGA of Canada member Sean Casey…