Ontario Courses Dominate SCOREGolf Top 100 Rankings

The National Golf Club of Canada was the highest ranked Ontario course in a recent SCOREGolf ranking
The National Golf Club of Canada was the highest ranked Ontario course in a recent SCOREGolf ranking

The National Golf Club of Canada was the highest ranked Ontario course in a recent SCOREGolf ranking

It’s been a couple weeks now since the Top 100 rankings by Canadian national publication SCORE Golf were revealed so it seems like the right time to talk about it.

After reading it, (if you have not the link is embedded above) you’ve now had time to digest it, debate it with golfing friends, and maybe form a calmly thought out opinion on the rankings.

Ontario, as many of you are aware, has both the highest overall population levels (13.6 million as of 2014) and golf course levels (822 according to the 2015 Golf Canada/PGA of Canada Facilities Report) of any Canadian province. It makes sense then that is also holds a dominant spot in the SCORE rankings.

In total, 53 Ontario golf courses made it into the top 100 list this year.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the hits and misses (for you) with your comments below.

Who do you think is missing? Raked too high? Ranked too low?

Ontario Golf Courses In SCORE Golf Top 100

2. The National Golf Club of Canada (Private)

5. St. George’s (Private)

6. Hamilton Golf &CC West/South (Private)

11. Beacon Hall (Private)

12. Devil’s Paintbrush (Private)

13. Westmount (Private)

14. Toronto GC (Private)

17. Oviinbyrd (Private)

19. Muskoka Bay

20. Devil’s Pulpit (Private)

26. London Hunt &CC (Private)

28. Eagle’s Nest

29. Goodwood GC (Private)

30. Coppinwood (Private)

31. Bigwin Island

32. Summit (Private)

34. Essex (Private)

36. Redtail (Private)

37. Rocky Crest

39. Weston (Private)

42. The Ridge at Manitou

43. Mississaugua G&CC (Private)

46. St.Thomas G&CC (Private)

48. Osprey Vallley – Hoot

54. Maple Downs (Private)

55. Osprey Valley – Heathlands

58. Rosedale (Private)

62. Cobble Beach

63. Camelot (Private)

64. Copper Creek

65. Magna (Private)

66. Port Carling G&CC

68. Black Bear Ridge

69. Deer Ridge (Private)

70. Osprey Valley – Toot

71. Georgian Bay (Private)

73. Wildfire (Private)

74. Lookout Point (Private)

75. Deerhurst Highlands

77. Wyndance (Private)

79. Lake Joseph (Private)

80. Credit Valley (Private)

81. Mad River (Private)

83. Taboo

85. Glen Abbey

87. Scarboro G&CC (Private)

88. Brantford G&CC (Private)

91. Cataraqui (Private)

92. Rideau View (Private)

95. Eagle Creek (Private)

96. Heron Point (Private)

98. Bayview (Private)

99. Beverly (Private)

4 Comments on "Ontario Courses Dominate SCOREGolf Top 100 Rankings"

  1. Norman Viirre | August 12, 2016 at 9:54 am |

    Perhaps you could list the public/semi-private courses in Ontario that are in the top 100.

    • Scott MacLeod | August 12, 2016 at 10:05 am |

      That is the complete list of all in Ontario, no matter what their status is. You’d like to see which are private and public? (Ed. note: I have updated the list to reflect which courses are privte)

  2. John Lanthier | August 12, 2016 at 11:58 am |

    Small difference, but can never figure out why Hoot always outranks Heathlands at Osprey Valley. IMHO, Heathlands is a top 20. On another note, St Thomas’ drop is a farce…improvements made there are fantastic.

  3. Andy Schwabe | August 12, 2016 at 6:27 pm |

    We’d love to have some raters come out to play Oshawa Golf & CC. It’s a 110 year old Stanley Thompson design that has a lot of interesting holes and is kept in great condition all season long. I’ve played quite a few of the other courses on the list and in my opinion we easily belong in the Top 100, but since so few raters have visited us we don’t get much credit in the rankings. The ratings are a bit artificial in this regard, since courses that get visited more often by more course raters rank higher than courses that don’t get visited. It’s not really an all encompassing ranking.

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