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OGN Rate Card has been developed as a complete source of golf news and information.  The prime target market for this site is golfers throughout the province of Ontario looking for the most comprehensive source of golf information for and about golfers in Ontario.

Not only does provide the most up to date news, it also provides great content on Golf Travel, Equipment, Golf Courses, People and more.  Bauder Media Group is responsible for the development and success of Flagstick Golf Magazine and in Ottawa and more than 20 successful years have taken that model and created a province wide website in cooperation with Golf Ontario.

It is no surprise that golfers want their information to be timely and complete… delivers the best content in a very timely fashion.  As an advertiser on you will reach the largest population of golfers in the country quickly and affordable.  Tie in editions of OntarioGolfNews Digest and your marketing campaign can’t miss!

After three successful seasons of publishing Ontario Golf News as a digital publication we evolved to the website and newsletter in 2016 to better meet the demands of both readers and marketing partners with a more frequent publishing model. The members of Golf Ontario and golfers throughout the province are asking for more information in a format they can consume on a more timely basis. We wanted to be able to deliver that in a format that was also more mobile friendly, reflecting modern trends.

Welcome to OntarioGolfNews Digest. This twice-weekly newsletter is distributed directly to the inboxes of the 40,000 plus people and growing in the Golf Ontario database.

Golf Ontario is the largest regional Golf Association in Canada and services over 100,000 golfers every year. Using one or more edition of OntarioGolfNews Digest is a valuable investment in your businesses marketing . Our partnership with Golf Ontario allows us to deliver a quality content marketing program to one of the most pure golf databases in Canada. Its content is fed from the vast amount of golf content created by the website, making the information delivery current and extremely relevant.

Golf Ontario believes so strongly in this partnership that OntarioGolfNews Digest is also their main direct to inbox communication tool, replacing their own previous e-newsletter.

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